Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Research Projects on Campus

UC San Diego, regarded as one of the nation’s premier research universities, was named the “hottest” institution in the country for students to study science by Newsweek and the 2006 Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide. From engineering and chemistry and physics to biology and computer science, summer is a great season for students. They can get involved with individual professors doing all kinds of cool research projects. Students' summer experiences often lead to publications in scientific journals, nice resume additions and boosts toward getting into top graduate schools. For example, this summer undergraduate Ted Sanders will be doing research on solar power with an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor. Sanders will be funded by the Calit2 summer research scholarship. More specifically, he will be doing computer modeling and simulation of solar cells that use nanotechnology to be more efficient (quantum well solar cells).
Other students are working to bring a Greenline shuttle bus online that will use only biodiesel fuel. Actually, UC San Diego undergrads will be involved in many “sustainability” projects on and off campus this summer. This kind of “green” action-oriented topic area is increasingly popular among UC San Diego students and I can give you more examples if you’re interested.

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